Maya Troupe is a Somerset West based dance group that specializes in Tribal Fusion belly dance. Tribal Fusion belly dance is a form of dance that integrates the mesmerizing style of traditional belly dance with a modern and dramatic twist. 

 A Bit of Maya History…

Founded in 2007, Maya Troupe started as a traditional belly dance studio run by Pam and Frieda. In 2008, Tribal Fusion began to creep into the hearts of the dancers and quickly took over as the main dance style.

Alexandra started classes with Frieda and Pam when the studio first opened and after 3 years of training, became an assistant teacher and now teaches the beginner and intermediate classes.

Frieda teaches the intermediate and advanced classes and is the director of the dance troupe. Frieda is also responsible for most of the choreography in the studio and is the creative mind for most of our troupe costume pieces.

We strive for a unique and recognizable style of dance, and we are always trying out new props, ideas and concepts with our students. 

The Teachers

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